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100 Years Sea Animation Diorama

This installation is a condensed version of the 100 Years Sea movie that gives viewers a faster and more intense experience of 100 Years Sea. The installation gives viewers the feeling that there is no border between the animated world and the real world, and the rising sea that eventually swallows them.

100 Years Sea (100 year time span) is a video work with an actual running time of 100 years. Based on the 2009 prediction of the WWF, the movie depicts the actual sea rise in a century up to the year 2109.

From the moment the artwork started in 2009 it runs in parallel with the real sea. After a 100 years, whilst looking at the original artwork, what will be the state of the real sea? Will the rise in sea level be more serious than the WWF calculated? Or will the sea have calmed? The sea in this movie keeps rising as we head towards that inevitable time.

The waves were created in a virtual 3-D space and then the space is converted into what teamLab calls “Ultra Subjective Space”. In doing so, instead of viewing the work objectively, we may be able to discover a new form of expression in which viewers feel there is no border between the world of the movie and the world in which they exist. As a result the viewers may be able to feel the movie more physically.

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